Looking for roles for our upcoming POC shoot and subsequent Pilot.

The POC is tentatively scheduled for July 3rd, 2023 (date may be subject to change).

RATE: The POC will pay $100-150 depending on the role. Meals and snacks will be provided on set and all performers will have the option to receive free headshots.

The Pilot is tentatively scheduled to begin filming in late August or early September. Rates for the Pilot are TBD.
Texas (USA)
[EROS HENDRIX] – Caucasian male, muscular build, late 20s to early 30s. Eros is the Alpha of the Lone Star wolves and Dynasty’s fated mate. He is aggressive and even standoffish at first, but is fiercely dedicated to his pack.
[TYRONE MADDOX] – Caucasian/open ethnicity male, muscular build, mid to late 20s. Ty is Amber’s boyfriend and Eros’s Pack Gamma. Known for his strength as a warrior, he is arrogant, yet jovial, with an irreverent sense of humor.

[AMBER NASH] – Latina/Open ethnicity female, curvy, flirty, and firey, late 20s to early 30s. Amber is Dynasty’s best friend and fellow burlesque dancer. Unbeknownst to Dynasty, Amber is also one of Eros’s pack wolves. (dance experience desired!)
[ANDRE GATLIN] – (ROLE FILLED) Black male, muscular build, late 20s to early 30s. Andre is Eros’s pack Beta (2nd in command). He is low-key and good-humored with quiet strength, but he can be deadly when he needs to be.
[DANIELLE MILLER] – Black female, elegant, yet fierce, late 30s. Danielle is an esteemed witch and Duck Dynastyy’s guardian in the supernatural world.
[RHETT HENDRIX] – Causian, playboy/party type, physically fit, mid to late 20s. Rhett is Eros’s brother and the pack’s head tracker.
[ALEX CARTER] – (ROLE FILLED) Open ethnicity, smaller frame, early 20s. Alex is Eros’s pack Delta. One of the fiercest fighters in the pack, although he appears timid and unassuming at first.
[KIM BRYANT] – Caucasian female, petite but toned, late 20s to early 30s. Kim is a female in Eros’s pack and desires to become Eros’s mate. She is jealous and haughty, but not without reason. Kim also trains at the same boxing gym as Dynasty.

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