Acting Auditions (Casting Calls)

We post latest casting calls from Hollywood industry. We cover all audition updates from USA and UK. We post casting calls for all the actor, actresses, couples, LGBTQ, kids, elderly people, people with different skin and hair texture, transgenders etc. Casting calls can be for commercial purposes, TV shows, Talent search, Netflix, short film, feature film, extras, background artists, feature comedy, YouTube series etc. We post for both SAG AFTRA and Non-Union. Nationwide casting is also done. Talent is never wasted, so here we post about various castings where every talent is praised. Casting calls are for both speaking and non-speaking roles. Castings are also updated where new faces are welcomed. We post Hollywood audition updates which may be paid or unpaid (non-paid). We post casting calls for various platforms where each and every people with diverse ethnicity are required.

Corte Video is casting multiple roles for a local credit union commercial.
Location: North Austin (USA)
Dates: 8/28 & or 8/29
Terms: 2 year regional buyout

Marissa (lead)-all ethnicities 7-9. Sweet, warm, outgoing. Lead role must have strong acting skills. *Real father/daughter combos encouraged to apply* (1/2 day 28th, 1/2 day 29th) $600
Marissas Dad (lead)- all ethnicities male, 35-45. *Real father/daughter combos encouraged to apply* (1/2 day 28th, Full day 29th) $1000
Marissa grown up (lead)- all ethnicities female, age 25-30. *Please include if you happen to have a toddler (3-4) aged child* (Full Day 29th) $650
Toddler (“Marissas” son or daughter)- 3-4 years old. All ethnicities but will need to play as offspring of Marissa and be comfortable embracing and interacting with “Marissas Dad” who is child. (less than 4 hours 29th) $250
Credit Union teller (featured extra) -young professional woman, late 20s to early 30s. (1/2 day 28th) $250

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Storm of Suspicion ep 411
Filming in the Knoxville, TN area (USA) August 25-26. Thursday, Friday.

Victim’s mother- Black female, late 30’s-40’s. $135/day

Victim’s Sister 1-2: Black females, 20’s. $135/day

Teammate: Male, 20’s-30’s. Should be physically fit and built like a football player. $100

Rental Car Agent- Any adult male. Needed in 2 scenes. $125/day

Medical Examiner- Any female, 40’s-50’s. 1 scene. $125/day

Bar extras 1-2: Any male, should be large/muscular types. 1 scene. $100/day

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Casting 2 ethnicity/gender-flexible supporting roles for an indie short film, each role should only require 1 weekend of filming.

Location: Shooting in Orange County, likely near Costa Mesa (USA)

Role 1 – Jona: Lead characters best friend (~22-24 years old in appearance), confident, casual vibe, supportive, and wants things to work out for his/her buddy (think tomboy best friend if female/non-binary casting)
Role 2 – Dr Osmond: Kind-hearted, patient, professional doctor who breaks bad new gently (flexible in look/gender, ages 28-50)

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Main character – Male in their mid 20’s, West, East or Central African heritage, with a Contemporary / Afro-Contemporary dance background, Braids or dreads preferred.

Character – Romantic interest: Female in their mid 20’s of West, East or Central African heritage, Preferably wearing braids or Afro.

Character – teenage brother: Male in his mid-late teens of West, East or Central African heritage, Acting Experience Required.

London (UK)

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